Sunday, October 21, 2012

blog 8

The Tale “Cupid and Psyche” has many similarities to the Grimm tale, “The Frog King”.  There are also many differences between each story but both have similar themes, that every body has a good and ugly side to them.  This presented through the frog or beast and through the personalities change in the youngest daughter.
Each story consists of three daughters and the youngest daughter is the most beautiful of the three.  The daughter is forced to marry a certain person in whom they cannot see for what they truly are.  For example, in Grimm’s story the frog is looked at as hideous but evidently turns into a prince.  In the Psyche mortal eyes making Psyche believe that cupid is a monster cannot see story cupid.  Psyche realizes that he is fact the opposite.  This demonstrates the theme of everyone having an ugly and a good side.
The Psyche story goes into a lot more detail than the Grimm tale.  The Psyche tale describes the emotions of each character in more detail and has a longer story line than Grimm’s.  I think this is due to the different intended audiences.  Psyche is designed for an older audience with knowledge of the gods presented.  Grimm’s tale is for a younger audience and is simplified so that no knowledge is needed before reading the story.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 I find this cartoon to bring out the humor in the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  I choose this cartoon because it focuses on critiquing the ideas presented in the story that most people would overlook.  For example the cartoon is pointing out that the wolf ate the Grandmother but the Wolf also decided to dress in the Grandmothers clothes.  Most people probably never thought that the wolf could have waited for Little Red Riding Hood to get there and just eat her.  I enjoy finding the humor that is not suppose to be presented in these Tales.  This makes the Tales more enjoyable to Critique because I can focus on the humor of each and every tale.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

blog 6

Grimm seems to keep the character and scenes very dull.  What I mean is that Grimm does not add complex story elements that other stories do.  The reason that Grimm does not add these elements is because the stories are developed for younger children.  If the characters and scenes where as vivid as other stories then the fairytales would not be suitable for children.  Anne Saxton’s poem compared to Grimm’s “Snow White” is a perfect example of the difference between vivid stories elements and simplistic story elements.

Anne Saxton’s poem is very much different from that of Grimm’s Tale of “Snow White”.  One feature in particular is Anne Saxton goes into more detail of the Queens Envy of Snow White.  For Example, in the poem it goes into great detail of the Queens aging.  The poem states, “But now the Queen saw brown spots on her hand and four whiskers over her lip”.  This better explains the aging of the Queen in great detail.  These details help the reader to better see what the queen saw in the mirror but left it up to the audience to decide the reason why she is angry.
Anne Saxton also uses a lot of descriptive words to help the reader to create a better picture of the scenes and characters in their heads.  On example of this is when Saxton continues to add descriptive words of White that would also be compared to descriptions of a doll.  This gives the reader a better understanding.  Also Saxton compares scenes to other things in life to create the emotion necessary,  For example in the quote, “Until that moment Snow White had been no more important than a dust mouse under the bed”.  This gives the audience a better understanding of the relationship between the Queen and Snow White.