Sunday, December 2, 2012

blog 11

My  “From Grimm To Disney” FYS has helped me to better prepared for the college experience.  This class has helped to prepare me to better organize my schedule in order to get all the necessary work completed and to be able to have time with friends as well.  This was taught to me from the gest speakers that had come in to talk to use during our flex hours.   Also the gest speakers were able to teach me about the different online resources that can help the students at McDaniel.  For example we all have learned about the hoover library online resources in order to find sources for a paper.  Finally, the guest speakers were able to help all of us learn about the different building on campus, making it one hundred percent easier to know which building can help with what and where they are located. But most of all I was able to learn how to analyze based on the actual class.  For example the class is designed to analyze the original fairytale text and then the films that Disney has created.  While analyzing the text it helped to make it easier to make connections between the symbols, motifs and to understand the story.   Also the class was designed to teach how to think critically.  This was taught to us through the in depth reviews of the story and the papers we had written.  Lastly the class helped to give each and every one of us a view at what the typical college class workload will be like.

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